Give Up

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First weekend for this semester. Sebab still belum busy bolehlah membuang masa kejap.

So class minggu ni idk why first class semua lecturer cakap pasal future. Either nak sambung belajar or not. If sambung either dalam Stats or not. I'm just not ready yet for everything. 

Masuk class ni lecturer cakap "Don't worry, job is there for you.". Next class lecturer lain pulak cakap "You should think about your future. Sekarang orang yang bekerja pun kena buang apatah lagi orang yang baru nak bekerja.".

Up to one point aku rasa give up. Bukan give up belajar je, give up dengan manusia. Yes manusia. 

Orang cakap don't judge the book by its cover. But most of the time, the cover reflects everything. Sekarang nak dengar apa orang cakap tu boleh, tapi nak percaya apa yang dia cakap tu makan masa. Makan masa untuk tahu apa yang dia cakap tu betul atau palsu.

Tetiba air mata meleleh. Help me. I don't know how to be strong. Wait, I have to be strong. No matter what, just be strong.

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